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Japanese cars are a big part of our daily work, we spend a lot of time to research & source unique products for them.
Please go through the products we have here and if there's anything you need but isn't advertised on this page,
then kindly contact us and we will look into that for you.
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GT-R Engine Bay Battery Cover Kit
Carbon Battery/Brake Fluid Cover Kit
GTR Bonnet Trunk Air Vents
R35 Bonnet Carbon Air Vents
GTR Carbon Bonnet Hood T-2
R35 Carbon Bonnet Type-2
From: £2,350.00
GTR Carbon Mirror Cover
R35 Carbon Mirror Upper Cover
GTR Carbon Splitter Lip T-3
R35 Carbon Splitter Type-3
GTR Carbon Spoiler Wing T-1
R35 Carbon Spoiler Type-1
GTR Diffuser kit 3pcs T-5
R35 Diffuser Kit Type-5
From: £1,650.00
GTR Engine Cover
R35 Carbon Engine Cover
GTR Exhaust Surround Covers
R35 Rear Diffuser Exhaust Surround covers
GTR Front Bumper Bodykit T-6
R35 Front End Kit Type-6
From: £6,350.00
GTR Front Splitter Lip Kit T-4
R35 Splitter Kit Type-4
From: £1,000.00
GTR Front Splitter Lip T-6
R35 Carbon Lip Type-6
GTR Grill Frame
R35 Carbon Front Grill Surround
GTR OEM Style Fender Arch Vents
R35 Stock Look Front Wing Vents
GTR OEM Style Rear Diffuser Valance
Stock Look Carbon Diffuser Valance
GTR OEM Style Splitter Lip
R35 Stock Look Lip
From: £750.00
GTR R35 Rear Spoiler Wing T-8 Nismo Style
R35 Body Kit Rear Spoiler Type-8
From: £2,750.00
GTR R35 Wide Front Bumper T-5
R35 Wide Body Kit Front Bumper Type-5
From: £2,450.00
GTR Radiator Slam Panel Cover
R35 Carbon Rad Cover
GTR Rear Bumper Body Kit T-6
R35 Rear Bumper Type-6
From: £4,700.00
GTR Rear Bumper Spats T-5
R35 Type-5 Rear Bumper Spats
From: £770.00
GTR Rear Diffuser Valance
Carbon Diffuser Valance
GTR Rear Diffuser valance shrouds Canards
Carbon Shrouds for R35
GTR Rear Spoiler Wing T-4
R35 Spoiler Type-4
From: £1,050.00
GTR Rear Wing Arch Fender Flares
R35 Carbon Rear Wing Arch
GTR Side Skirts Kit T-6
R35 Side Skirts Kit Type-6
From: £2,200.00
GTR Side Skirts T-2
Carbon Side Skirts Type-2
GTR Spoiler Wing Kit T-6
R35 Spoiler 17pcs Kit Type-6
From: £1,950.00
GTR Stock OEM Diffuser
Carbon Rear Diffuser
GTR Vented Side Skirt Extentions T-4
Side Skirts Under Boards for Type-4
GTR Wide Arch Fender Flare Kit T-6
R35 Rear Arch Kit Type-6
From: £1,045.00
GTR Wide Arch Fender Flares T-5
R35 Wide Arch 8pcs Kit Type-5
From: £2,200.00
GTR Wide Wing Arch Fender Flare Kit T-6
R35 Front Arch Kit Type-6
From: £1,045.00
Nissan GTR Carbon Bonnet Hood T-1
R35 Carbon Bonnet Type-1
Nissan GTR Front Bumper T-1
GT-R Front Bumper Type-1
From: £1,485.00
Nissan GTR Front Bumper T-2
GT-R Front Bumper Type-2
From: £1,485.00
Nissan GTR Front Bumper T-3
Carbon Front Bumper Type-3
Nissan GTR Front Bumper T-4
FRP Front Bumper Type-4
From: £1,100.00
Nissan GTR OEM Front Bumper
Carbon Fibre OEM Bumper
Nissan GTR OEM Rear Bumper
OEM Style Bumper in CF/FRP
From: £1,650.00
Nissan GTR R35 Carbon Fibre Bonnet Hood T-3
R35 Carbon Bonnet Type-3
From: £2,550.00
Nissan GTR R35 Carbon Fibre Ducktail GT Boot Trunk
R35 Carbon GT Style Boot
From: £1,250.00
Nissan GTR R35 Carbon Fibre Stock Boot Trunk
OEM Style Boot
From: £1,100.00
Nissan GTR R35 Carbon Fibre Stock OEM Bonnet Hood
Carbon OEM Style Bonnet
From: £1,695.00
Nissan GTR R35 Diffuser Valance T-4
Diffuser Valance for Type-4 Kit
From: £1,300.00
Nissan GTR R35 Hyper Narrow Spoiler Wing
R35 Hyper Narrow Style Wing
Nissan GTR R35 Nismo Style Rear Bumper T-8
R35 Body Kit Rear Bumper Type-8
From: £3,000.00
Nissan GTR R35 Nismo Style Rear Diffuser T-8
R35 Body Kit Rear Bumper Type-8
Nissan GTR R35 Nismo Style Side Skirts T-8
Carbon Side Skirts Type-8
From: £2,200.00
Nissan GTR R35 Stock OEM Style Front Wing Fender
R35 Carbon Stock Look Wings
Nissan GTR Vented Side Skirts T-4
Vented Side Skirts Type-4
From: £1,600.00
Nissan GTR Vented Wings Fenders T-4
Vented Fenders Type-4
From: £1,485.00