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Maserati Ghibli Carbon Fibre Diffuser Valance

Maserati Ghibli Carbon Fibre Diffuser Valance

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Product Information

One of the most amazing diffusers we offer for the Ghibli and part of a wider range of body kit upgrades we offer for this car.
We offer this kit in two carbon fibre material for you to choose from:
- Twill Weave
- V Weave.

Dizell selects the best manufacturers and suppliers to offer the best possible quality and fitment in the market.
In fact, when it comes to body kit, we even have access to our own bespoke workshop.
All our products are already test fitted on the actual existing car before finalising the molds and therefore we have the best result in fitting.
Many manufacturers never test fit the mold and make their products without the certainty of its fitment.
Aftermarket products, such as body kits, are known for their troublesome fitment issues, many need cutting, filing down and modifying before fitting while some don't fit at all. The products we supply are by far the least troublesome items if any at all and they have a great fitment result as we have witnessed from our customers' cars for many years. 


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