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Want to be part of something extraordinary?

Dizell is no ordinary automotive retailer. Not just because of the scale of our business. It’s true that we’re one of the UK’s largest supercar Styling and Tuning suppliers. It’s also true that we offer thousands of different lines (from carbon fibre and body kits to performance parts and wheels). But it isn’t what we do that makes us special. It’s the way we do it.

Join us in an exciting role across our business, from Sales and marketing to Product development and Management roles and you’ll soon discover what we mean. Not a single one of these jobs is ever ‘just a job’. You’ll become part of the Dizell team – quite simply, you’ll be a helping hand and partner in growing Dizell to become even greater than it is today. Someone with a say in how we run things. Someone who appreciates that as a Partner it means we expect more from you as it’s your business too. Yet someone who’s always an important team member of ours. And someone who can take ownership of their own role too.

Is this you? contact us and let us get started in getting to know you, we then would ask you to email us your CV and everything starts from there.

Chat to you soon.