13 Best Progressive Web App PWA Examples in 2023

To understand the issue, the company looked into customer behavior and found out that they had terrible user experience on the mobile app. We’ve collected 50 of the best PWA examples, from real, live and well-known pwa trends 2022 websites, separated by industry. If you’re interested in a specific vertical, scroll ahead to find the one that’s most relevant, or just read on to see a huge list of the best progressive web apps out in the wild.

progressive web apps in 2022

MobiDev is a US/Ukraine software engineering company focused on helping visionaries create their products. The company invests into technology research and has years of experience building AI-powered solutions, implementing machine learning, augmented reality, and IoT. Progressive web applications (PWA), bridge together the base and perks of online website browsing with the feel and looks of a native app.


These are just a few examples of companies adopting PWA design in their apps among other recognizable brands like Uber and AliExpress who have done the same. However, there are some defining characteristics that are indicative of PWA design patterns. There are also several common design themes that are often pointed to as being unique to PWA. Its PWA was launched in 2018 to provide faster and smoother access experience among its users.

progressive web apps in 2022

Another competitor in the Indian eCommerce scene is Flipkart continues to redefine the online shopping experience with its PWA. Users can easily notice the ease of using the app when they search for specific products or score great deals from sellers. In 2016, it launched its PWA as an answer to the unstable internet connections in the sub-Saharan region. With PWA, it was able to corner a significant chunk of the market relying on 2G networks with data caps. Expert insights into things you should consider before partnering with a remote development team. A budget overview of what it will cost you to build an app from scratch.

Best Examples of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in 2022

It’s a multipurpose system that supports HTML websites, WordPress, Wix, and more. Offering a reliable customer support service is an integral part of every business. With the help of this app template, you can let customers post support tickets get support directly from their mobile https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ devices. When making a mobile app for a simple website or a service, like an online store or a delivery service, a progressive web app is the best method to accomplish your goals. Times are changing and you no longer need to hire app development agencies to build a mobile app.

  • It uses modern web capabilities to deliver a native app-like user experience.
  • A cross-platform instant messaging service called Telegram was introduced in 2013, and as of this writing, 700 million people use it regularly, per company statistics.
  • Thanks to the abundance of features, light weight, and universality in use, PWAs have become game-changers in the software development sector.
  • The collated real-time information on the latest Euro lotto results on this PWA provides a handy resource from players.
  • Does it mean that web apps aren’t fully progressive if they aren’t supported on all browsers?

Regardless, we’re app developers in NYC, LA, Miami, and our team is here to help you. Thanks to React Native and an aggressive development schedule, we built Helpkin a fully functional MVP for both app stores in 5 short months. But, for companies starting from scratch or transitioning away from a native app, building up your web presence from scratch might be less enticing, and indeed disastrous.

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For an online automobile marketplace on PWA, Carsales, one of the most popular destinations by car buyers in Australia offers a lot of convenience to its users. To improve its reach, the company launched its PWA and has achieved 400 times more installations than its old mobile site in the first two days. Infobae switched from its mobile site to PWA in 2017 to improve the speed of access among its mobile users. This was influenced by the huge drop in session duration (3 minutes on mobile compared to 27 minutes on desktop). This Buenos Aires-based news website has proven to be successful in the PWA scene thanks to its Spanish readers.

progressive web apps in 2022

Booking sites are another industry that are a great fit for progressive web apps, due to the interactivity required to get the most out of them. These platforms, some household names, went the progressive web app route, most of them alongside their mobile apps. When its PWA was launched to provide the same functionality as its native mobile app (but at a lighter size), the company reported an increase in sessions per user as well as retention time by 50%. Though social media platforms are primarily app-focused, they also need a website to provide a great experience to new users who haven’t yet downloaded the app. Thus, these PWA examples that replicate the look and feel of some the most well-known mobile apps, within the browser.

Best Progressive Web App (PWA) Examples in 2023

Even though a WordPress shop made with WooCommerce can already be accessed via mobile using a browser, it doesn’t always deliver a smooth experience to customers. Especially when making sure customers feel safe during online transactions. Nevertheless, for several PWA suppliers, the absence of visibility of PWA in such distribution schemes is a drawback when compared to native apps. To fluctuating degrees, the main application stores began to take PWAs, permitting them to be found in these stores. Initially, it only supports AngularJS, but now it has compatibility with many other frameworks.

progressive web apps in 2022

With Cool Cousin, visitors can select trusted local city guides on their easy-to-use platform. FlyWeeked users simply enter their current location and select a weekend when they’d like to take a break. Then the system provides a list of clickable cities that the user can choose to “swipe away” if they’re not interested, or book the trip instead. The ride-hailing company placed its Window 10 app behind the scenes in 2018 in favour of the PWA that was first launched in July 2019. To accommodate its 120 million visitors a month, German tech company Trivago launched its PWA to help more users search and compare hotel prices before they go on a trip. To get its users the convenience of booking hotel rooms and flights, a PWA was built.

The Best PWAs: 50 Progressive Web App Examples in 2023

On the contrary, many global corporations are seeing tremendous results from switching to a PWA strategy for their users’ benefit. One major brand that raised a lot of attention by doing this is Twitter, which designed its Twitter Lite app with PWA in mind. Following the rollout of Twitter Lite, Twitter saw a 75% increase in tweets, a 65% increase in pages per session, and a 20% decrease in bounce rate. The brand behind these progressive web app examples invested in their mobile UX, and reaped the benefits. You can and should follow in their footsteps and go “mobile first” with an impressive progressive web app for your own business.

According to Microsoft news, starting in May 2022, the PWA-based application will allow users to download content for offline consumption. This would enable learners to consume content even in low/no connectivity scenarios. Thanks to its PWA version, the platform can be used across different devices, and users can access their accounts on mobile and desktop simultaneously.

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PWAs might be the future, but they have a long way to mature before they’re ready to completely conquer the mobile world. Ultimately, however, choosing which style of app to write is up to you and your business’ needs. There are actually many frameworks out there that promise to make cross-platform development a reality by leveraging Javascript. Each of these frameworks allows you to develop and compile your app separately to mobile, desktop, or to the web, while still only writing a single codebase. All in all, securing native applications is much simpler than achieving the same level of protection for PWAs. With the growing likeness of the user towards PWA, the demand to have a PWA version of their native app is increasing in the business people’s mindsets.

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