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Mercedes Benz C63 W205 Carbon Fibre Seats?!!!


Yes, you heard it correct, Dizell.com is offering a wide range of carbon fibre upgrades for the legendary C63 W205 Merc.

The kit they’re offering covers pretty much everything any C63 Owner dreams of such as:

– Carbon Fibre Interior Upgrades (carbon fibre steering wheel cover, dials, door pieces and rear seat backing shells)

– Carbon Fibre OEM style body kit (Diffuser, Spoilers/Wings, Side Skirts, Side Skirts Extensions, Front Wing/Fenders, Mirror replacement cover/shells and Front Splitter Lips)

-Wide body kit from wide arches and fenders to bumpers and side skirts including an absolutely stunning Engine See Through bonnet!


Check our C63 page for full details and pricing.

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